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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Tell me why is that people think that they can ask whatever they want of someone's friend?? Are there no rules to say what is appropiate and what isn't, and really if you really want to know the answer to a question why don't you just ask the person instead of beating around the bush?? I have been faced with this dilemma a number of times and as a friend you politely tell them that they need to ask the person themselves. But then you think if you don't answer are people just going to believe that you don't want to answer because it's true or not. Take for example if someone asks you if the friend is sleeping with a co-worker, and you know that the friend is, but you tell the person asking that they should just go and ask your friend. Now is the person asking just going to think that you don't want to tell them and assume that they are?? Who knows?? I really think that people should mind their own business!!! As if there aren't more pressing things in the world to worry about!!
Well my loves must tell you that I have had the funniest time this summer!! It's been a blast. And I will tell you that things just keep getting better. Let me offer a little advice from Medea: Some people are leaves and they will blow from this side to that side. Let them go. Now some people are branches but you have to be careful with branches because sometimes you will get out on a branch and it will break on you. But if you get yourself some friends that are roots, and you don't need many, the roots can supply you with everything that you need and help support you. Here is to hoping that all of the special people in your life are roots!! I know mine are!!
Much love gods and goddesses.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Sunday Dinner

Wow it's hard for me to believe that it has been over a month since I have posted a blog. So what has been going on you say, mostly lots of playing. And can I tell you that this summer has been one of the most fun summers that I have ever had. I have the BEST friends they are always keeping things fun and interesting. Take for instance we usually wait until midnight on Sunday to go out and have dinner. It is a little routine that we have adopted. It is really fun. It gives us a chance to reconnect and let each other know what has been happening. It's not like we don't see each other EVERYDAY!! But that is the best part about the friends I have. Even though we see each other almost everyday it's like we never run out of fun and interesting things to say to one another.
Well during one of our dinners Wiggle makes a fabulous suggestion. Instead of going to Denny's (Which is usually the ONLY thing open on Sunday at midnight) we should drive to Las Vegas and get an In and Out Burger. Well let me just tell you, you really don't have to pull my leg too hard to get me to go to Vegas for a Double double with grilled onions!!! So we planned it. We left Provo at about 5:15 headed for Vegas. Let me tell you I really don't that HELL is any hotter than it was in that car on the way down. The only reprieve that we got was when the sun went behind the clouds. And we prayed for that to happen often. Once we got there we were suppose to meet up with some people that we work with. The traffic however was terrible and we did not get to see them.
But we did get to have In and Out. Now I know that going to In and Out was a great part of our trip but I think that getting to see Chris, Wiggle, Robbie and Vero see the inside of the Belligio for the first time was well worth the trip. The Belligio has these fantastic gardens which they change every couple of months. They are stunning. This time it was filled with redwood trees and different monuments it was amazing. If you have never been to the gardens at the Belligio I think that you should make a trip. It is well worth it. Also make sure that you check out the blown glass flowers in the hotel lobby. Make sure you look up!!!!
And if you have friends that are as crazy and fun as mine are maybe you too could take a road trip to Vegas for an In and Out. Who knows maybe my friends and I will meet you and your friends there.
Much Love Gods and Goddesses

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Alicia Quiz

Go here, and take my quiz.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Cops and such

What fun it was. We went down early so that we could get a good seat for the performance. We spent the afternoon playing apples to apples and eating Jelly bellies on the temple lawn. Don't tell anyone because we weren't suppose to have food there. But you know us, we're rebels. It's really funny, I've been down to see the Manti pageant a few times and this was the first time that I realized that there was more than one person playing the same character. Well, silly me. The more that I learn the more I realize there is some much that I don't know. You know what they say, you learn something new everyday. Well, Blueshorts spent most of the time in the car with Colin's Girl and myself asleep. I swear if I didn't know better I would think that the boy has narcolepsy (sp?). The minute that he gets into a car that he isn't driving he's asleep. You would think that our company just puts him out. But I know for a fact that everyone he knows can't possibly be that boring. But then again I have been wrong in the past. And let me just tell all of you I wasn't even aware of some of the things that were going on. Sometimes I think that my head must be in the clouds. But it's a good thing because I think that sometime people need to figure out what's up for themselves. So they don't need me butting in.

Now look at Wiggle and Pinetree don't they look adorable. I'm glad that they both were able to come with us. They have made my experiences with our little group lots of fun. If you get the opportunity you should ask Pinetree about his nieces. They are just as cute as buttons. I know that sounds really sappy but if you had met them then you would know what I was talking about. You should see their cute, little "to-do" list that they have made while they are spending the week with Uncle Pinetree.

And since there were no good pictures of me then I will spare you. You won't have to worry about having nightmares after seeing them.

Well to round out our fun outings. I must bring you into the world of Provo cops. To say that crime here is minimal is to be making a huge understatement. There really isn't much for them to do. So you know that we all say there is a quota that they have to get before the beginning of the month, which everyone who is a cop tries to convince you that there isn't. So if that is the case, how come, you see twice as many cops at the end of the month? I mean really, you could be robbing a store as long as it is somewhere between the 6th and the 15th you've got a good chance of getting away with it. But make it the last week of the month and not only are you getting caught but so are all of the people that are doing 2 miles over the speed limit going down a hill. But anyway Blueshorts and I were going home after a night of playing with the gang. We get right to the driveway of our apartments and he sees this flash of blue, now mind you I was really tired because it was 4:00am in the morning. But of course the first words out of my mouth were something to the effect of "You've got to be kidding me!!!" Now let me just tell you that it didn't matter that I was already in my parking lot and that if I opened the car door and walked 15 feet that there is a good chance that I would be in my apartment. I've seen enough episodes of cops to know that if I stepped my little, brown butt out of the car that I was going to be eating pavement. So I sat there with Blueshorts trying to figure out why the cop had stopped us. I don't know maybe something about being black and in Provo?? Just Kidding!! Well it turns out that Blueshorts had crossed a double yellow line and was going a whopping 9 miles over the speed limit or so the cop says. But really who cares at 4:00 in the morning. So basically the moral of the story is if you're going to speed or cross double yellow lines do it in the middle of the month or at least not at 4:00 in the morning when you KNOW the Provo cops don't have anything to do.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Hello Gods and Goddess, I thought that you might want to know what was going on with me. Well not much!! It would seem by looking at this picture that I would be one happy woman, well the only thing that I can say about that is that looks can be deceiving!! Here it looks like I'm getting a smooch! NOT!! What does a girl have to do?? They either move too fast or too slow. Oh well beggers can't be choosers!!

I thought that I would take you into the fun world of BBQ here in Provo. Here we are in these pictures with all of the crew from work! What fun that day was. It was a perfect day right after the snow and right before the rain!

Here "B", Drew, and Jameia are standing around watching while Ev and I are cooking food and lowering the grill so that it will cook faster so that they can eat!! What a hungry crowd won't do if they don't get food and I mean in a hurry. I had a line back to the street of hungry people. And they took a no prisoners attitude they wanted their food and they wanted it NOW!! Yet in still it was fun.

Here is some of the gang just eating their chicken. I got a great recipe from one of the guys that I work with. It was apparently his mom's recipe that he decided to share and everyone there was extemely grateful.

I must say that a good portion of these people I don't know they just kept coming but you know what they say the more the merrier!

And these people have a hard time being away from the food table. I think that we may have some people with some dependency issues!!

Well this has been a couple of fun filled days in the sun for me. I hope that wherever you may be that you are spending your days with people who make you happy. Poeple who bring joy to your life and who help you along the way. I know that I have found those poeple who make a difference for me. Always surrond yourself with people who you want to be better because they are your friends. That's what I do!! And you all know who you are!!

Much love gods and goddess

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Hit it and quit it

Ok girls and guys I need some comments on this subject. And I'm hoping that some of you will have insights that I have not thought of. So here goes nothing. Tell me why it is that a man or woman can have this physical relationship with someone of the opposite or same sex for that matter and it not mean nothing to one of the people and everything to the other??? Is it really that people cannot go without intimate physical contact with one another or they are going to cease to exist. And why in the middle of all of this do they forget to include the other party in the fact that it means nothing to them. That they are doing it of the sheer fact that they have been lacking in the intimacy department.
I had a guy try and explain it to me by saying that it was an opportunity and it was there so he could understand why it was taken. Why shouldn't he take advantage of the fact that it was being offered. So then I come to say is everything that is offered to you good. And how do you deal with the consequences of the aftermath. NO they don't want to hear that, they just want to get in and get out. And then I say to the people who are left to pick up the pieces, what do you do then? Do you say to yourself, " I know that it didn't mean anything so I should just forget that it happened and roll with it??" Or do you get so mad that you start plotting revenge!! I can totally see how some people wind up getting very hurt in situations like this. I mean physically as well as mentally!! Just kidding!! I'm not out here to hurt anyone but I would seriously think about it!!
So I need some advice all of you wise people, help me to find the answers that I am searching for. And hopefully I won't be the only one that you help!! And maybe this will be the forum for you to get some of this stuff off your chest, for or against!!
Much love gods and goddesses

Saturday, May 06, 2006


Birthdays are great!! I think that we should get the opportunity to celebrate them all of the time. I just found out from my friends that I am suppose to post my birthday wish list on my blog. How do you decide?? I can never decide what I want for my birthday. Not only that but I feel silly asking for things. Anybody that knows me knows that I am a giver. I find it hard to ask even for things that belong to me. Not only that but half odd the time I get so anxious for things that I want that I go and buy them before other people can get them for me. So what do I really want?? Well I could wish for world peace but we all know that that is getting me no where. So here it goes:
A book on New Orleans, I love the pictures of the city
Anything for the kitchen, surprise surprise!!
Games, because I love them!
Movies that make you think and laugh, I'm not particular.
I hope that helps all of you. I don't want for much but there are few choices.
Much love Gods and Goddesses